But guys.

The heeled oxfords, the wavy hair, the plaid shirts, and now a vlog.

I think she’s found her old self again.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I promise to respond to you all when I am not on mobile! :)

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 (+2).

minipsychologist whispered: OMG, YES! I have never understood trader's logic of "we don't want it on the internet"... Um, how do you trade it then? Also, their excuse that they don't want to ruin chances of her putting them on albums is kind of BS. She released Come In With The Rain **two** years after it leaked. And it was a youtube leak, so a lot of people had already heard it. Ugh, their logic is so flawed.

Things I did not know! “Come in with the Rain” leaking was before my time in the trading world, so this is news to my ears. I knew it had been released early, but I hadn’t any idea it was that early. I thought maybe it was like, shortly after the release of Fearless.

I’ve also never heard that excuse, but I’d have to agree. Let us also not forget that “Sparks Fly” made it to an album THREE YEARS after the first live performance. Who knows when it was originally written? It could have been even older by then.

But let’s face the facts: the likelihood that any of her unreleased material will find its way onto anything besides a “Greatest Hits” album is incredibly minimal. Her lyrics and musical composing skills have improved tenfold since her teen years, and it would be a bit off-putting to hear an old song mixed in with the new. It’d stand out like a sore thumb.

That being said, album five needs to be here already. Gosh, Taylor.

stay-fear13ss whispered: I'm hoping and praying everything works out for you! I mean, it will eventually. Just keep on going! I know you can get through this. :)

I love you so much for saying this. ♥

Anonymous whispered: What do you think about those people who has unreleased songs but don't share bc 'it's wrong' or whatever they saying?

Let me try to keep this short, because I have a lot of feelings for this topic:

If it’s “wrong” for one group of people to have them, it’s “wrong” for everyone. Personally, I think everyone should have easy access to Taylor’s unreleased works, because they’re fantastic. The whole I-have-it-but-won’t-trade-it bit is just a way for elitist collectors to keep themselves in control of a dying system.

This is not to say that all traders are evil! I think that, in cases where the ratio is 1/1, song trading can be healthy and equally beneficial to all parties involved.

It’s the hoarders that ruin it for the rest of the trading world. I’ve heard of them demanding 6 songs for the “new” rare, and doing things like downloading a song and then reporting the original host site so no one else can grab it. That’s just not fair.

So I do my part, whenever I can, and spread the love. :)

Anonymous whispered: Is it weird that I ship you and taylorgetsedgy? Both of you are just the cutest, nicest, sweetest people around and I think its no coincidence that both of you are crazy about Taylor.

I’M  S C R E A M I N G.

Anon, you made my night. This is wonderful and hilarious and (just a little bit) awkward all at once. Jess, we are officially shipped by someone! Who knew that that was a thing that could happen? Cos I didn’t.

But what do we call this ship?! Tess? Jesmi?

… I’ve got it. taylorgetswild. That’s gotta be it, right?

(PS* Thank you so much for saying all those nice things about the two of us! It’s really super fantastic of you, and so what I needed today but I don’t think you can call me cute cos you’ve never seen my face; Jess on the other hand is a babe.)

Anonymous whispered: Hey, how do you get your page to look so cool?

First off, thanks for calling my blog’s design cool! That’s so sweet of you.

I can’t take all the credit though, as I didn’t make the theme! I have always been a big fan of benizora’s themes, because they are simply perfect. The one I’ve been using for this blog since its creation is Theme 09: Yozora.

As far as the colors, pictures, and search bar go, that just takes trial, error, and a basic understanding of HTML (an eye for colors and schemes never hurts either).

To install a theme to your Tumblr, you need only copy the code for someone’s theme, open your blog’s “Customize” page (which you can access by viewing your blog), click “Edit HTML,” select everything, then paste over it. Make sure you hit “Save” if you like how it looks so you don’t lose your theme!

Anonymous whispered: Are you going to do a download link for the Speak Now Cover songs when you finish posting all of them?

Indeed, I shall be! It won’t be for a while yet though; I’ve still got another 25 songs to upload!


taylorgetsedgy whispered: I think you should basically win an award for being the Nicest Blogger Of All Time because you're so accommodating and you always try to keep all your followers happy. Just sayin' :) Oh, and by the way, according to Actual Real Science it has been proven that you are way more super-awesome! #truesciencefact #I'mlike25%ofascientistyouhavetobelieveme

Posting this, if for no other reason than the A+ tags.

I really just don’t like confrontation - it gives me excessive amounts of anxiety, and trust me, I have plenty to worry about without thinking all of my followers hate me for posting personal things.

PS* Actual Real Science’s abbreviation almost spells “ARSE,” which amuses me far more than it should.