So it’s not really set up yet, but since some people on here really wanted to get to know me better, I’ve created a side blog for my fangirling, texts, and general garbage.


I will be setting everything up for it tonight after work. Just keep in mind that it is a side blog, so I won’t be able to follow you from it. If you see a +follow, it will be from this blog.

Anyhow, it should help to keep things a little more organized, right? :)

faintingpygmygoat replied to your post: What’s your name…

So jelly of your cd collection

Don’t be. I’ve spent wayyy too much money on it, and I still feel incomplete because there are so many I am missing! It’s like an illness, honestly.

Anonymous hummed: If I were dating you I would MAKE YOU HOT CHOCOLATE (who doesn't love hot chocolate am i right ladies? wow why don't i have a boyfriend)

Dude, hot chocolate is wonderful. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate it can leave. Haha.

Anonymous hummed: What's your gender? :)

Feeeeeeemale. :)

Anonymous hummed: What's your name, how old are you, and how many physical copies of Taylor's music do you have?

Well, here’s a first!

  1. My name is Thomi. It’s pronounced like Tommy, just in case it confuses you.
  2. I’m 24 — exactly four months younger than Taylor.
  3. Oh god, let me go count. *elevator music ensues* … Including singles and DJ discs? 70. 70 copies.
Anonymous hummed: 3(ish) THINGS I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: (1) What is your favorite Taylor song? (2) What song (Taylor or not) do you relate to most right now? (3) What's your favorite color? (4) How are you so fabulous I need some tips (5) What are you most excited for right now? (6) Do you like hugs? (7) What is the last thing you laughed uncontrollably about? (8) CAN WE BE FRIENDS?? :D :D :D (that's a little more than but whatever)
  1. It changes by the week, but right now I’d have to say “Treacherous.” I’m sorry I’m still not over the Red era.
  2. "Still Into You" by Paramore.
  3. Pink & green. It’s a tie.
  4. Umm I’m not? I just act like myself, unabashedly, always. I embrace my extreme nerdieness wholeheartedly. You’ve gotta just love who you are, despite your flaws.
  5. I’m not sure if there’s anything. Maybe the fact that I’m actually off work at a decent hour tonight?
  7. Some stupid stuff on the internet the other night while I was stumbling.


anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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Anonymous hummed: How do you download the music when there is no download link? Thanks!

That is something I know that I shouldn’t know, so I’m not going to post it here. If it doesn’t have a download link, it’s because it’s either part of a set (which you can find by following this link [x]), or it’s available for purchase.

Goodness knows Taylor Swift is rolling in green paper, but she deserves every penny she earns, so do the right thing and buy the song if you love it so much. :)


I am pleased to tell you that all officially released, full length albums are now operational!

This has been a long journey, and I hope you all will continue to bear with me as I begin to work on unofficial albums, EPs, and singles that are no longer playable. With hope, the entire blog will be up and running within the month.

Thank you once again for your continuing support and patience,